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Professional Services

Individual Educational Strategies (IES)

Do you ever know there are undiscovered potentials in your children?  Have you ever wondered why your parenting does not bring you the ideal results you expected? In fact, every child has his/her individual learning needs, and their potential strengths and weaknesses are not so obviously observed. With our professionals, you are going to find out the strengths and weaknesses of your children with objective and accurate parameters.

For example, you may find that your children's Chinese ability is not as good as expected, and the literacy is not up to snuff. However, most of the time, the problem may involve multiple factors, and our psychologists will explore the underlying reasons from the assessment. For instance, children may encounter difficulties in interpreting the structure of the word, or they read slower than other children do, and it may take more time for them to understand. All these may result in children could not perform well within a limited time.

This shows the essences of Individual Education Strategies lies. Teaching strategies and learning goals are tailor-made to fit your children’s needs, making education and learning more effective but less pressure.  

Birds of a feather flock together (Gifted Group)

We want to gather a group of gifted children with above average IQ who may need to promote their social skills, self-regulation and functional emotional development. They will also have a chance to meet congenial friends and have fun together with our professional psychology team.

Continuous support for special talents

We do not want to miss the gifts and talents of children. Shining aims at finding out the potential of your children. More than that, we also want to accommodate a right place for them to shine. Therefore, Shining have collaborated with different kinds of organizations, which have experience in working with children with special needs. For example, for the children who has enthusiasm and talents in music, we will refer them to Shih Kun Liu & Samantha Music and Arts Academy that is well-known and rich in educational experiences. We believe every child has his/her special talents, and we hope that they can shine through Shining!


Shining is a family-oriented centre, especially for the support on children’s and their families’ growth. We believe training for parents is indispensable for effective training. Therefore, throughout the training processes, we will provide family training to parents and/or caregivers. Parents will be highly involved in reviewing/ preparation for appropriate home environment.  Additionally, there are chances for parents to observe the live demonstration by doctors, therapists or psychologists on the useful home training skills with simple toys and materials. By the end, you will also practise these skills at our centre under the guidance of our team that make you more familiar with the ways to talk, play and relate with your children.

One-way Mirror observational learning

The One-way mirror design allow parents to observe the interaction between therapists and children from another room without distracting children from the training. Parents can learn from this experience and carry on the training at home.

Handwriting training programme

Handwriting is an important developmental task for all children. Through handwriting they are able to express themselves and communicate with the world around them. This programme will be improving their penmanship, legibility, pen grasp, speed and other handwriting skills.

Reading and Writing class

It aims to improve children’s ability to read and write. Our speech therapists will construct strategies of reading and writing Chinese characters based on the form of character, phonology and meaning in order to improve children’s efficiency to read and write.

Social Skill Training

Children will involve in different activities constructed and guided by our professionals such as role plays, symbolic play and 2-way interactive activities. Children will learn how to relate and communicate with friends through active and meaningful participation. They will have a chance to improve their social skills and emotional regulations. Enriching their social skills allows children more flexibilities and problem-solving in different social situations. Friendship will also be a pleasant and additional reward through the training.

Be a confident You!

Self-esteem plays an important role in psychological health and personal development.  Based on Esteem-Builders theory and making use of interesting psychological techniques, our clinical psychologists will teach parents the proper skills to enhance children’s self-esteem. Children can express themselves with confidence, enjoy fruitful social interactions at home and school, develop intrapersonal intelligence to understand oneself and others. When children are confident of their abilities and competencies, they will find their goals and values in life and live every day to the fullest. 

Attention Deficit group training

Children who are weak in concentration or being overactive will be coached on focusing and executive functions. Children will be expected to equip better self-regulatory skills, sustained attention and organization skills.

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