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About us

Shining Children & Family Development and Assessment Centre consists of a team of professionals across disciplines, including Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists, Educational Psychologists, Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Expressive Arts Therapists, etc. Shining offers one-stop services for children and families.

We provide the most easily-accessible and user friendly services by connecting experts, children and families together. All families can experience the most heart-felt support in Shining.

Our centre named "Shining", which refers to the meaning of "illuminating" and "sparkling". In Chinese, our name also means that we will use our “heart” to serve everyone who comes to Shining. We believe every child is unique and talented, and a harmonious family and healthy parent-child relationship are the support of the child's growth. We look forward to working with every family who comes to the center to let our love shine.

Our Mission

Shining has a cross-disciplinary professional team, we provide variety of assessments and one-stop treatment/service in order to take care of the needs of every child and parent. We are committed to welcome everyone who comes as well as providing special personnel to follow up with each family. We will also be a bridge between experts and families to provide the most appropriate and friendly service, so that families can enjoy the most intimate experience in the center.


Comprehensively take care the needs of children and families with the aim of the growth of parents and children. We also aim to help discovering children’s interests and talents. With the emphasis on it, we will helping developing and fostering their endowment. To let the children show their brilliance and grow confidently and happily.

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